Who we are


Grupo Musical e desportivo 1o de julho de alcoitao, club founded on the 1st of July of 1931, has as a principal goal to provide his athletes with the familiarity throw the practice of ludic and pedagogical activities. In that matter, a project was developed to teach football amongst the youth, and created conditions to offer to the children born from 2003 to 2011 the possibility to learn and practice this sports activity, fostering the socialization with other children, contributing to their development and individual growth.

With the purpose of promoting values, such as respect and equality amongst teammates and team work, this project has as principal mission the integration of social disadvantaged children. But not at all as a partial or misleading form of reality, getting together only children whose family cannot provide them with a happy life. On the contrary, the point of the mission is to prove that social integration can only be successful if we unite two worlds and different realities, who has a little more and who has a little, charing one single purpose – grow with football, grow in sports, grow in life, with no boundaries nor differences. In Grupo Musical e Desportivo 1o de Julho de Alcoitão there are no boundaries and is developed a union between portuguese children, but not only, also children from Angola, Guinea, Senegal and Ukraine.

With that in mind, this initiative stands out because it is non-profit. Contrary to the majority of football schools, in which the average mensal rate is 35€, our project gives the families  a more affordable possibility with a mensal rate of 15€, but only to the disadvantaged. And if such family has no possibility of payment, one is not needed. At the moment we have 25% of our children in that condition. Children, that without this terms would not be able to practice any sports activity.

The teaching of football, most played sport in Portugal, has been promoted throughout the last years. Indeed, the bet in formation has transformed the project of Grupo Musical e Desportivo 1o de Julho de Alcoitão in solid and sustainable work. Our project started three years ago with a creation of a federated team in Associação de Futebol de Lisboa. Nowadays, and corresponding to the needs demanded by our growth, we have four federated teams, with three different age groups. There are about 100 children in our school, in the hope of following the steps of previous students that now play in the best clubs in Lisbon.


In the outlook of the weekly plan of work of Grupo Musical e Desportivo 1o de Julho de Alcoitão, the practices take place in the football court Decathlon, in Cascais. The children born between 2008 and 2011, this occurs wednesdays and fridays from 17:30h until 18:30h (1h duration). For the children born between 2003 and 2007, this occurs wednesdays and fridays from 18:00h until 19:45h (1h and 45min duration). In this train units the young athletes are encouraged to learn and improve their sports and competitive performance, based in the physical, technic and mental component, throw mutual aid amongst teammates and the technical support team of coaches. But beyond the sports part, the skills of our project insure that our children live new experiences and coexist with different cultures in our country. To that end, in complement of the weekly training, we have planned to make presence in national and international tournaments.

Currently, Grupo Musical e Desportivo 1o de Julho de Alcoitão has the support and solidarity of Municipality of Cascais, fundamental to the success of this project, amongst other entities. More recently, was celebrated a partnership with the Municipality of Castelo de Vide to, together, organize the Castelo de Vide Cup, and international football 7 tournment for children , that will take place in Castelo de Vide