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Castelo de Vide CUP 2016 has the confirmed presence of  major Portuguese and international teams.

Gathering more than 50 teams from Algarve to Porto, which leads to the presence of about 1000 participants!!!

For every athlete, staff and family member, Castelo de Vide CUP offers special conditions for housing  in quality hotels at unique prices!!

+50 Teams

from all over the world

+1000 participants
Free time & fun

Tennis Courts
Adventure Park
Swimming pool

Participating teams.


We have participated in Castelo de Vide CUP for two consecutive years. It is a tournament that has everything to become one of the biggest references in juvenil football. The infrastructures are good and all the activities that the organisation of the tournament provide, extra football, are certainly a plus for the development of young athletes. In two

João Lourenço
João LourençoFormer coach Sporting Clube de Portugal

Castelo de Vide CUP, is an excellent tournament, in which we, Estoril Praia, make a point on participating, the greatest pro of this event, is the competitiveness throughout and the warranty of 8 games played, regardless of the results. It is a week fulfilled week, because there are many extra tournament activities.
For me, it definitely is, one of the best tournament I have ever participated in.

Marco Nascimento
Marco Nascimento Coach Estoril Praia

Being the ambassador of Castelo de Vide CUP is a great honor. Soon I realised the quality of this magnificent formation football tournament, by its competitiveness e for giving every team the possibility to play football from the first day until the last. As a former high competition athlete, I understand the value of formation football in the growth of young athletes. Join Castelo de Vide CUP and be a part of the football party.

DimasFormer international footballer

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