Is with great expectation and pride that this town hosts the 1st edition Castle VideCup – International Football Tournament-Benjamins, and in advance expressed, on behalf of the Castelo-videnses the Welcome to all participating teams.

To the coaches, officials, players and family I wish that they can achieve the best sport results, but above all, they can build relationships based on invaluable human values that consolidate Sport. To Castelo de Vide it is an honor to be in the memory of all participants as a place that provides enriching experiences, in an open environment of companionship and fellowship, worth highlighting, well beyond the victories and defeats of the competition.

I am sure that the quality of equipment and sports and recreational infrastructure, the relationship with the local community and the traditional good way of receiving will be decisive factors , to ensure a great success for Castelo de Vide Cup and I hope it will repeat for many years.

I reiterate Welcome votes, I wish you all a great holiday of Easter.

Have fun and enjoy the pleasures that football offers.




António Pita