Tennis Clinic and tournament

  1. The Tennis clinic and tournament is only for participating players in Castelo de Vide Cup.
  2. Practices will be monday,tuesday and wednesday from 10am to 11:30am
  3. Pair tounament will take place wednesday from 2:30pm, and according a map of four groups (A,B,C,D), of three pairs each, distributed randomly.
  4. The first place of each group will play in the semi-final (AxC and BxD), and final.
  5. Each game will be played until four sets.
  6. Every game will have a 5minute warm-up, and four balls per game.
  7. There will be water and moral/technical/tactical support for every player.
  8. Any problem or doubt must be solved with the organization.
  9. We wish you an amazing, fun and close tournament.